Emergency Fund For Local Fishing Family In Need!​

Please help one of our local fishing families in there time of need. There beloved son died unexpectedly this week and our organization is collecting donations to help defer funeral costs.
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Seashells and Pearls Mission Statement

The purpose of this organization is to help disadvantaged women and their families pursue their education, career or personal goals, and milestone events with financial and clothing support. By partnering with local agencies, churches , and other community support and mentoring networks that uphold family values our organization provides them with the tools necessary to succeed.

Vision Statement

These services and tools will support and help disadvantaged women and their families to gain the necessary motivation, and confidence to succeed at their goals. These programs help women to share values that create a positive atmosphere and network system for gaining knowledge, self-esteem, acceptance, and confidence on their journey. This will in turn enable them not only succeed in their life endeavors, but also feel beautiful about themselves and their accomplishments on the inside as well as their outward appearance.

Our Programs & Services

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“We are all just mermaids on the beach collecting the seashells and pearls with which to fill our treasure chests."

Kristin Anderson

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