Seashells and Pearls

A Community Outreach Organization

The purpose of this organization will be to help disadvantaged women pursue their education, career, family, personal goals including milestone events with a community outreach including clothing, financial, mentoring, and other daily living or support needs to make their goals obtainable and realizable.

About The Founder

      My name is Kristin Anderson, and I am 50 years young. I recently in 2014, obtained my Bachelor of Arts from Florida Institute of Technology in Healthcare Administration with a minor in Human Resources at the age of 48. After seeing what I could accomplish with the right support network in place, I continued on with my education goals by obtaining a with a Master’s Degree in Public administration with a specialization in Nonprofit Management and Leadership at Capella University at the age of 50. I am currently working on obtaining a Doctorates of Public Administration also at Capella University. I would not have been able to pursue these education goals and be successful without my network of support people, services, and professional mentors. After finishing my Bachelor’s degree, I started a business from which I was able to pay it forward to others by donating formal and career clothing to other women in need who were accomplishing career, education, and milestone events. This initiative gathered support throughout the community network and now we are applying to be a formal 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to helping disadvantaged women realize important lifetime goals.

      This organization was named Seashells and Pearls, and founded on the premise that real seashells and pearls come from different countries, beaches, and areas of the world. They are all very beautiful and truly unique. The pearls are extremely precious and worn as adornment and a sign of achievement in many cultures. I intend to take these values and instill them in others to help them not only succeed in their life endeavors, but also feel beautiful about themselves and their accomplishments. Pearls are essentially the experiences and words of wisdom from mentors helping others, while the Seashells represent the action steps necessary to reach and maintain continued success. I intend help other women as I have myself been helped along the way for which I am truly grateful. People often ask me how I feel about my struggles going back to school at this stage of my life. I tell them that it seemed at first like an impossible endeavor with many obstacles including the lack of finances, and family commitments. However, I overcame these difficulties by surrounding myself with a stable network of support systems that help me to learn, grow, and become stronger by participating, and giving of myself to help others through committed, involved interaction with other community members. "We are all just mermaids on the beach collecting the seashells and pearls with which to fill our treasure chests."

     I want to show my gratitude to all who have supported my endeavors by paying it forward to others, so they can experience the same opportunities that have helped me succeed!

See What People Are Saying

We are always looking for those in the community which can be uplifted by our community outreach. We ask that if you have a special person in need that could benefit or are interested in becoming a volunteer and are looking for further information about our programs and events please complete the Community Outreach & Fairy Godmother Program Referral Form and submit it to your local chapter so that we may reach out to those that are in need.